Premium Fossils

Pleistocene Premium Fossils for sale

On this category page, we offer a selection of Pleistocene Premium Fossils. These fossils are not necessarily more expensive than the rest of the fossils on our website but are the ones that are in the best condition. These premium fossils can also be rarer than other fossils. 

All fossils have the size and weight details in their description as well as information about their origin, i.e. where they were found and approximately how old they are. All of the fossils are also treated with a special conservation method so they will remain in excellent condition. The fossils have not been restored, therefore they remain authentic.

Make sure to also have a look at our premium pristine quality fossils. Also, make sure to check out our FAQ about authenticity (yes they’re all authentic) and more!

What makes a fossil premium?

Premium fossils are well-preserved fossils that are in great condition. Well preserved means that the fossil looks good considering its age. The older a fossil is and the better it looks, will be reflected in the price. A well-preserved fossil is a fossil that is mostly intact or completely intact. These are rare because most fossils suffer damage from the weather and sedimentation before they are discovered. Therefore our premium fossil collection is always limited. 

How big are these Premium Fossils?

You will find the size and weight information for the specific fossil in the description when clicking on one of our products.

Frequently asked questions 

Is the display stand included in the price? If an item is listed with a display stand, then the stand is included in the price. There will always be information on this in the product description.

What does Pleistocene mean? The Pleistocene is an epoch that lasted from about 2.5 million years ago to 11,700 years ago and is the epoch after the Pliocene Epoch. Pleistocene Fossils are fossils from animals that died in this epoch.

Are Premium Fossils Limited? All our premium fossils come in limited supply. Once in a while, we get new preserved fossils that will be added to the Pleistocene premium fossil category page.

Why would I buy a premium fossil? Well-preserved fossils are great additions for collectors. They are also a great display item to decorate with. One of the unique things about fossils is not just their rarity and value, but also their scientific value.